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1 4m SOFRADEN H1 metal storage silo with feed, capacity of 120 T, extraction by endless screw, towards

1 SOFRADEN D1 splitter on spring scale, capacity of 3 m3, 1 ABB motor pump

2 SOFIES 2C31 type double filters towards

1 40 m3 F1 agitated concrete tank, epoxy resin interior, with level sensor, 1 pump towards

1 25 m3 agitated cylindrical stainless steel SC1 tank, towards either the mixer or the headbox via 1 DOSAPRO metering pump
Micronised TALC:

1 manual loading VOLLRATH n° 9409 splitter, capacity of 5 m3, with monorail-mounted YALE electric hoist loading aid

1 dispatch pump towards 1 GAF stainless steel filter, supplying

1 agitated SC2 cylindrical stainless steel tank, capacity of 20 m3, or SC1 tank

1 18 m3 CARLIER SC3 resin tank

1 60 m3 agitated tiled masonry-covered tank, MF (supplied by HC pulper), 1 pump towards

140 m3 agitated S5 tank in stainless steel, cylindrical with conical base, 1 pump towards

2 CLAFLIN EMERSON 202 refiners, n° BEC418 from 1975 and n° BEC404, in series, towards

1 40 m3 agitated S6 tank, in stainless steel, cylindrical with conical base

the S5 and S6 tanks are duo-cycle, with cycle output towards

1 50 m3 S8 cylindrical tank in stainless steel
1 60 m3 agitated S7 mixing tank in stainless steel, cylindrical, supplied by gravitation via the S8 tank

2 SOFRADEN H2 and H3 free-standing metal cylindrical lime silos, capacity of 120 T, extraction by endless screw, 4m, supplying

2 metal cylindrical SOFRADEN Deliteur mixers, capacity of 3 m3 on spring scale, 2 CHABAVER 55 kW pumps from 1997, joined to 1 DCE UNIMASTER type UMA72G1 dust collector, n° 652600 from 1997

2 CELLIER vibrating strainers diam. 800 mm, supplying

1 30 m3 S2 cylindrical stainless steel tank, 1 pump towards the mixer (S7)

at mixer output, 1 pump towards

1 50 m3 C51 concrete dilution tank, agitated by 1 FLIGHT agitator, 1 AHLSTROM pump towards

1 50 m3 concrete tank with epoxy resin interior, agitated by 1 FLIGHT agitator and 1 conventional agitator (M1 mixer), 1 MIP BORGER type FL776 volumetric pump from 2003, addition of CO² after steam heating and release (N.B.: the release installation was retrieved by the supplier CARBOXYQUE FRANÇAISE), towards

1 55 m3 R2 tiled concrete tank (possibility of direct supply to headbox)
Special additive: Galactomannan (not used for several years)
1 manual loading hopper with NOVI PROFIBRE PREPAFLOC metering screw, n° 7835

2 GALATTO COFIES type 2C31CA filters, n° 21152 of 60 L from 1995

1 double filter mounted with 1 4m monorail

1 8 m3 agitated S3 cylindrical stainless steel tank, maturing tanks, 1 pump, towards

1 30 m3 S4 cylindrical stainless steel storage tank, 1 pump towards S7 mixer

Starch line:

1 free-standing metal storage silo, no apparent brand, declared capacity of 80T, extraction by 4m endless screw, towards

1 metal cooker, capacity 3T, 30 kW, on 4 T spring scale, dispatch pump supplying

1 15 m3 cylindrical stainless steel storage tank by gravity towards the mixer

1 T4 cylindrical stainless steel storage tank (zinc sulphate), agitated with dispatch pump

1 back-up cooker of no apparent brand
Layer line:

1 Kaolin Deliteur mixer in stainless steel, capacity of 2000 L, surmounted by 1 manual loading hopper, EUROCHAIN 2 T electric hoist handling aid, mounted on 10 m monorail, dispatch pump to 4 m3 stainless steel vat towards the gravitation mixer
Calcium carbonate:

1 40 m3 agitated P2 cylindrical stainless steel tank, recirculation towards the mixer

2 T1 and T2 stainless steel parallelepiped storage tanks of approximately 1200 L for storage of auxiliaries, with pump

1 9 m3 cylindrical black PVC storage tank (adhesive) in retaining vat

1 m3 cylindrical black PVC storage tank (Rheocoat) in retaining vat

1 1 m3 T7 stainless steel parallelepiped storage vat (Sorbitol) with dispatch pump

All towards 1 6 m3 cylindrical stainless steel mixer on spring scale, surmounted by 6 stainless steel metering vats (various auxiliaries), 1 pump supplying

2 6 and 7 m3 E1 and E2 cylindrical stainless steel storage tanks, by gravitation towards

1 CELLIER vibrating strainer, type CELCO 8, n° 162, diam. 600mm

1 CELLIER vibrating strainer, diam. 600 mm (size press return) towards

1 500 L double stainless steel final vat, agitated, 2 PCM moineau pumps towards

2 C31CA filters from 1994
Optical brightener:

2 1.4 m3 cylindrical PVC tanks, 2 BRAN LUBBE 36 L/h metering pumps
3 20 m3 CARLIER resin storage tanks, of which 1 unused

1 AKD adhesive storage bag, capacity of 35 m3 (out of service)

1 20 m3 LATEX storage bag (unused)

1 15 m3 cylindrical resin storage vat (unused)

1 water dilution double metering pump towards

1 8 m3 stainless steel cylindrical storage tank, 1 pump towards the mixer and 1 DOSAPRO metering pump towards the front of the machine

at AKD adhesive storage outlet

1 AKZO NOBEL double metering pump (property of EKA CHIMIE MILTON ROY)

1 DOSAPRO MILTON ROY EB-C5-V3 metering pump from 2004

1 centrifugal pump for supplying the mixer with resin

1 DELASCO type EZ35 pump (supplying the mixer with adhesive)

1 10 m3 cylindrical PVC caustic soda storage tank, at outlet 4 metering pumps towards HC and HL pulpers, mixer and pit


NEYRTEC brand, from 1993, capacity 600 m3/h

1 FLYGT screen rake, type SJ1000, n° 3DE6484-04, from 1993, width 800 mm, approx. height 4 m
2 MORET lift pumps, output 300 m3/h (P01A and P01B)
1 square flow equalisation basin, in masonry, capacity approx. 1000 m3, fitted with 2 FLYGT agitators

2 MORET pumps (P14A et P14B) output 300 m3/h

2 intermediate tanks in masonry for addition of flocculant and coagulant, PH-regulated, supplying by gravitation

1 NEYRTEC concrete cylindrical settling tank with scraping arm
sludge circuit:

removal of sludge by 2 PCM pumps (P02A et P02B) towards

1 200 m3 sludge tank in masonry, fitted with 2 FLYGT agitators

1 MORET backwater booster pump, output 30 m3/h with metal vertical vat

2 PCM sludge pumps (P09A et P09B) supplying

1 NEYRTEC type TFA370 taster, n° 301 from 1993,

sludge extraction by belt conveyor, approx. 4000x300 mm on spring scale towards 1 identical belt conveyor towards 1belt conveyor of approx. 10 m with pneumatic rodding, spilling into 3 skids
water circuit:

1 venturi flume with 2 BUHLER MONTEC XANTOS 4000 samplers from 2001 with HYDROLOGIC flowmeter (1 in the Dispatch workshop declared out of order)
2 stations NEYRTEC flocculant preparation stations, fitted with stainless steel, manual loading bunker (flocculant for taster and settling tank), at output, 4 DOSAPRO MAX ROY metering pumps, of which 2 back-up
2 12 m3 PVC communicating cylindrical vats containing coagulant, at output, 2 DOSAPRO metering pumps - these vats are in holding tanks in masonry
Supervision: EURO SYSTEM brand

Boiler house

1 BABCOCK B0507 type steam generator
maximum declared power 20 MW, supply voltage 63000 V
declared capacity 30T/h of steam
has not been used for several years
with electrical control and regulation cabinets (year 1990)

Boiler house

1 steam production installation comprising of:
- 2 fuel oil-powered BABCOCK WANSON smoke-tube steam generators
BWR170 type, n° RRF4158384 and 385 de 2001
steam output rate 17T/h, power 11 547 kW, max. pressure 18 bars, max. temperature 210°, voltage 400 V
(heavy fuel powered)
- 1 chimney shared by the 2 generators, 41m high
- 1 BABCOCK WANSON hot well
DT2030B15, n° MF78441177 type from 1991, total capacity 16,5 m3 (condensates return)
(generators fed via the hot well and 1 pump)
- 2 BABCOCK WANSON water treatment lines without their composite vats, supplied with hydrochloric acid and sodium by
- 2 PVC cylindrical tanks of 8 m3 through 4 metering pumps (of which 2 back-ups)
N.B. these 2 tanks also ensure the regulation of the wastewater treatment plant via 2 metering pumps (of which 1 back-up)
- 1 ATLAS COPCO LE22-10-120 compressor from 2001 with bi-cylinder motor, 120 L vat with 1 PREVOST air dryer
regulation cabinet


1 SIREIX mandrel cutter
CAERP200/3200 type, n° AP28220 from 1989
automatic supply by stocker lift, n° 28368 from 1989, length of mandrels 3200 mm, max. diameter 154 mm, permissible interior diameter 70 to 154 mm
motorised chain lift towards a VE type n° CE28724 swiveling electrical supply/receipt voltmeter


1 THOMASSET brand roll finisher
max. width 2300 mm, max. diam. 1480 mm, pigtail creasing
vacuum hot press, max. diam. 1500 mm, built-in
all surmounted by 1 DAC underhung bridge crane (capacity of 2x250 kg) with 2 hooks for handling smear rolls
protected by safety light curtains
with 5 unwinding stands
all old model
output: 1 metal tray scale (in masonry) of approx. 2x1,5 m

Darkroom Production

1 PROLABO type EU55EL oven, n° 30201706, max. t° 200°C
1 LHOMARGY tensimeter (Mariotte vase)
1 old microscope
1 RADIOLA low refrigerator
1 daylight box

Conditioned laboratory Production

1 ADAMEL LHOMARGY ER02 (SCHOPPER) drainage tester
1 BROOKFIELD dial viscosimeter
1 LHOMARGY incinerator, temperature 800°, n° 1025
1 NABERTHERM type L3/C6 muffle furnace, n° 151018 de 1998, max. temperature 1100°
1 NOVI PROFIBRE pneumatic die (for cutting paper disc samples) diam. approx. 100 mm
1 lot of various laboratory glasses and testers

Conditioned laboratory Production

1 INSTRON 1011 dynamometer (measures traction and compression) with COMPAQ 386S PC
1 IGT REPROTEST AIC2-5 printing test apparatus
1 IGT inking roller with distributor
1 ADAMEL LHOMARGY type EC05 burst meter
1 LHOMARGY CD09 sample-cutting guillotine
2 LHOMARGY ED01 dial tear testers, of which 1 with template
1 LHOMME ET ARGY folding tester
1 BUCHEL type 116BD rigidimeter, n° 3638 with its template
1 LHOMARGY RM01 n° 28 rigidimeter
1 J. RICHARD temperature/moisture recorder
1 IGT A2 type 31J6293 printing tester
2 COBB locking system with squeegee rollers
2 squeegee rollers
1 ADAMEL LHOMARGY MI20 thickness tester with digital display
1 LHOMARGY MI02E dial micrometer
1 BEKK 131ED smoothness tester
2 DATACOLOR ELREPHO 2000 spectrophotometers,
type 600065 n° 304 and type DC3891, n° 859

Conditioned laboratory Production

1 FRANK type 81828 universal compression traction tester with calculator and EPSON LX-300 Plus printer
1 GRETAG SPM50 portable spectrophotometer, n° 3253-11860
1 KEITHLEY electrical resistance measurer, including :
- 1 614 electrometer
- 1 247 power supply
- 1 measuring cell
1 KOPP heat sealing machine,
type SGPE3000, n° 252305, with its KOPP compressor from 2004
1 LHOMARGY type ECO2 n° 1503 burst meter
1 FAG VIPDENS 503-S densitometer
1 BEKK BUCHEL 131D n° 2327 smoothness tester
1 BENDTSEN type 6 n° 11634 porosimeter
1 LORENTZEN & WETTRE type 1-4 n° 120 porosimeter
1 METTLER PM400 precision scale in bell jar, max. 410 g e=0,01 g
1 BENDTSEM type 6 n° 56212 smoothness and porosity tester
1 KAJAANI type P4630325V1.0 tester, n° 16980018
2 DHALE A3 format table-mounted guillotines

Conditioned central laboratory

1 lot of various laboratory testers including 1 THERMOLYNE type 47920-46 FURNACE muffle furnace, max. t° 1100°, n° 479910149597
1 KDL2000 glazing machine, power 400 W
1 old SPID manual table guillotine
1 set of laboratory glasses


1 old UNEPAL bridge crane with 1 carriage , cap. 9 T
1 DAC double girder bridge crane with 2 carriages, capacity of 2x10 T
1 old bridge crane with 2 carriages with a capacity of 10 T each
all have a reach of approx. 16m


1 GOEBEL type U7S-3000 rewinder, n° 5849 from 1962
max. width 2000 mm, max.diam. 1250 mm
- at output 1 hydraulic tilt
- trimmings suction, no apparent brand, power 18,5 kW


1 SACRIA type SAPHIR 10 AP dry baling press, n° 86026 from 1986
for bale of 800x550x700mm with automatic strapping
surmounted by 1 separator


1 HANSSEN winder with 2 winding drums
no apparent brand, max. width 3200 mm, speed 1100 m/mn and declared max.1800m/mn
- 22 rotary cutters in total
- unwind stand, type DS-1, n° 5624 from 1979
- DELTA NEU CHOPPERLINE 63 suction/shredding machine
- at output 1 pneumatic roll tilt and receiving table separated by one DE ROLL carriage (rails built into masonry, approx. 20 m long)


1 JAGENBERG VARI-DUR winder with 2 winding drums, type 65/15/650/3300, n° 3022702 from 1977 (500V), restored in 1995, installed in 2005
max. width 3300 mm, max. speed 2200 m/mn
- automatic ejection
- 9 rotary cutters
- winding drum motors: 135kW
- underground vacuum cleaner, DELTA NEU brand
- at output, hydraulic tilting table
- roll stopper flaps built into masonry
- 1 AMSP DELTA NEU separator, installed at the end of the MAP2

MAP 2 Underground

1 HAKO dry baling press for bale of 1500x1000x750 mm, manual strapping
surmounted by 1 MOUZON separator (fed with HANSSEN and JAGENBERG trimmings)


1 old bridge crane, no apparent brand
capacity 5T, reach approx.16 m
equipped with 1 VERLINDE VS2 4 T carriage


1 compressed air installation including:
- 1 COMPAIR 6000N CYCLON type 6125N07W compressor, n° F143-1323 from 2001, power 102 kW
- 1 ATLAS COPCO type GA1107.5 , n° ARP9059 from 1991, power 110 kW, output 290L/S, 41315 h. on cycle counter
- 1 ATLAS COPCO type GA22 compressor, n° ARP776534 from 1990, power 22 kW, output 41L/S, 29644 h. on cycle counter
- 1 ATLAS COPCO FD26 air dryer, n° 780826
- 1 COMPAIR F450 air dryer, type DF450WE110E, n° 2175210001 from 2001
- 2 COMPAIR CF0600C-F filters from 2001, capacity 36,5 L
- 4 ATLAS COPCO filters
- 1 X-PAUCHARD 3000 L galvanised vertical reservoir, n° U1627 from 1991
- 1 X-PAUCHARD 2000 L vertical compressed air reservoir from 2004, n° X1511 (located in Packing hall)
- 1 MARION 5000 L vertical compressed air reservoir from 1972 (in basement in MAP 2)


1 old SULZER suction pump
type KRC8ST.45-20, n° 467177 from 1962, reconditioned,
without motor

Mechanical workshop equipment

1 DEMOOR E.P. metal lathe, approx. 1,5 m
(clutch removed)
1 NOLAF PL18, n° 158 drill press
1 SOMUA FHI mill
1 ULTRA type A30 alternating metal saw, n° 050193
all very old models
1 lot of various tools including double benches

Mechanical workshop equipment

1 DAC double girder bridge crane, capacity of 16 T, reach of 8 m
on 40 m tire


1 VOITH glazing cylinder, width 5 m and diam. 4,5m approx.
n° 18585 from 1971
1 GASTON MOYSE type 10T motor tractor, n° 76 from 1957
with diesel motor (out of service for many years)
left outdoors


1 WOHLENBERG guillotine, type 150, n° 2893-006
with ball table, JAY light safety curtain

Tél. : - 155 cours Berriat - 38000 GRENOBLE – Fax. :

SCP Armand et Gérard TOROSSIAN - commissaires priseurs judiciaires

membre d'une association agréée le règlement des honoraires par chèque est accepté.

RCS Grenoble 91D00108. N° TVA FR30380895144.
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