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The auction takes place with no guarantees and at the successful bidder’s risk.
The buyer is responsible for the equipment as soon as the sale has been pronounced.

The auctioneer may not be held liable for any damage or loss that may take place after the sale.

Buyers undertake to ensure that the equipment complies with the standards that apply to them.
Machines and their installations (tanks, pipe-work, pits, etc.) are sold with their contents: buyers must take responsibility for the draining, pumping, packing , transport and treatment of chemicals, oils and other substances they contain, in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force. They must provide the official receivers with all supporting documents.
The auction will take place in a single lot. The list of equipment provided is for guidance only.
The following are not included in the auction:

  • the buildings of all kinds

  • all sealed components in the buildings

  • fire protection systems and the lighting system, duly identified

  • all parts considered as immovables by their intended purpose

  • the travelling crane tracks

  • the weigh-bridge

  • any radioactive sources still on the paper machine

  • gas cylinders

  • transformers of all types (oil, dry, etc.) attached to buildings or machines

  • electric cells

  • condenser batteries

  • electricity cupboards not linked solely to the machines

  • any machines, parts of machines and equipment of any kind containing asbestos or an equivalent material, the sale of which is prohibited

  • any equipment bearing the label “NOT FOR SALE”

  • all equipment and furniture in the detached house known as Sombardier (to the left of the administrative building as you enter the factory)

  • photocopiers and fax machines

  • any FENWICK fork-lift trucks still on site

The buyer must form his own opinions concerning the contents of the lot during the visits.
No complaints will be accepted, as buyers have every opportunity to form their own opinions concerning the contents of the lot and the condition of the equipment during the visits.
Buyers are prohibited from re-selling all or part of the lot on the site.
Immediate removal, once payment is certified.

It will begin on 1st July 2009 at 8.00 am.

Removal must be completed by 4.00 pm on 18 December 2009 at the latest.
The buyer must obtain all the necessary authorisations, especially administrative and regulatory, before starting dismantling operations.
The buyer must take out an insurance policy covering his business liability for all risks linked to the removal, dismantling, handling and transport of the installations and equipment. The policy must also cover against any damage that may be caused to the buildings and its consequences. The guarantee must also cover against all forms of environmental risk.
The buyer will accept liability for all his employees, any subcontractors and any other natural persons or legal entities who intervene on the site with his agreement, even tacit.
The buyer will be responsible for security on the site of the PAPETERIES DU PONT DE CLAIX factory from the day of the auction until he has completed the removal of his lot.

In this respect, the buyer must ensure that the floors and buildings are not damaged, either by his own actions or those of a third party.

He will use all means that he deems necessary to this end.
The buyer will be given a copy of the inventory drawn up before the auction at the request of the Liquidator. An inventory will be drawn up when the removal has been completed.
Exceptionally, if the removal is not completed by 18 December 2009, the buyer must pay the owner of the property the sum of 15,000 € (fifteen thousand euros) ex-VAT for each extra month, with any portion thereof counting as a full month.
In all cases, removal must be finally completed by 31 March 2010 at the latest, from which date the buyer will no longer have access to the site.
The successful bidder will pay all costs linked to dismantling and to damage of any kind that may arise there from.
The buyer must remove his lot according to the rules of good practice and must cause no damage to the buildings or to the ground.
The equipment removal:

  • should be carried out in compliance with the rules set out in the Environment Regulations

  • must not cause damage to buildings or land, the buyer being bound to carry out repairs and restorations on any damage that he may cause.

The removal should take place in compliance with the legislation in force, notably with regard to Safety and Labour Law.
All persons are prohibited from:

  • consuming alcoholic drinks inside the factory premises

  • smoking anywhere on the site

  • using any factory plant or equipment, particularly the travelling cranes

  • using the goods lifts

  • using or connecting up to the existing electricity supply

The only vehicles authorised to circulate within the factory grounds are those being used to load the sold equipment. No vehicles may be parked alongside the buildings.
The successful bidder may not pretend to any right of ownership of the conduits underground or incorporated into the brickwork.
It is stipulated that water and electricity supplies have been cut off and may in no circumstances be reconnected. The buyer must take all useful precautions and, in particular, put in place all means and equipment for preventing the risk of and fighting against fire and pollution.
No products should be put down the drains (chemicals, oils, etc.). All industrial waste (ordinary and special) generated by the dismantling, packing and draining of the machine components must be eliminated by approved firms (for special waste, a copy of the industrial waste monitoring forms must be supplied to the Receivership). The buyer must bear the cost of eliminating this waste. The site must be kept clean and waste must be recovered (used oil, chemicals, rubble, packing materials, etc.).
If there are any sheets of asbestos cement in the buildings (roof, weatherboards, false ceilings, etc.)… In no circumstances must these materials be dismantled. If, in exceptional circumstances, these materials have to be removed, the operation must be carried out in compliance with the legislation.
Work involving hot spots: before carrying out any welding or cutting work requiring the use of a flame, the buyer must have fire-fighting equipment to hand: (an appropriate extinguisher). Protective screens must be carefully placed to avoid the risk of welder’s flash for employees working nearby. The welding and cutting equipment used must be in perfect condition.
Use of welding and flame cutting equipment: cylinders, empty or full, must be placed on special trolleys or stored vertically and fastened up to prevent them from falling. They should never be stored near heat sources. The equipment must meet the safety standards in force (non-return valve on gas connections).
If work is to be carried out at a height, priority should be given to the use of a basket or working platform, and a safety harness must be worn. If lack of space prevents this type of equipment from being used, then a ladder must be used, which must be attached and fitted with a safety harness for which the anchorage point is situated above the head.
No work should be carried out on a conduit, connection, valve or cable without having taken every precaution to ensure the safety of the operation.

The enclosed descriptions are only indicative

(installed in 1962, net width 3100mm, capacity 650 m/mn, grammage 32 to 100g)
Headbox and cleaning:

1 40 m3 cylindrical tank A in stainless steel, agitated

1 40 m3 cylindrical tank B in stainless steel, agitated

1 EMERSON CLAFLIN 202 conical refiner

1 EMERSON series 31 conical refiner

1 stainless steel pulp flask, 1 P01 mixer pump with BBC 275 kW motor

1st zone: 76 CELLECO type 300-4H-56 vortical whirl separators, n° 80483

1 DECULATOR air remover, NASH CL402 drainage pump, steam injector and separator

2nd zone: 5 CELLECO W2000RBANKL-6 vortical whirl separators, n° 82808 de 1983

3rd zone: 2 CELLECO TW2000RBANKL-2 vortical whirl separators, n° 82809

4th zone: 6 CELLECO type 300 vortical whirl separators

5th and 6th zones: 2 CELLECO type 300-HRCC-6 vortical whirl separators, n° 80485

accepted paper pulp from the 1st level toward 1 AHLSTROM type ZRR-40 variable speed pump, n° 57953, 860 l/mn, from 1987

1 VOITH (ER-6) stainless steel slit separator

1 LAMORT type SP600 hole separator

1 LAMORT type SP400 hole drainer

1 stainless steel pit of approximately 15 m3 (collection of water under canvas)


1 BRAN LUBBE colour preparation station comprising:

- 6 80L agitated black PVC cylindrical tanks

- 1 battery of 6 pumps joined to 2 BRAN LUBBE servo-motors (5 of 3 L/mn and 1 of 30 L/mn)


1 30 m3 cylindrical PVC tank

1 5 m3 P16 cylindrical tank in stainless steel, with cylindrical constant level vat in stainless steel, approx. 8 m3

1 ALBANY strainer, n° 401500150, effective diam. 1400 mm, 50 to 80 m3/h

1 DORR OLIVER brand filter with 8 stainless steel discs, 1 repulper at outlet

1 stainless steel save-all, bronze drum
Sheet sizing table:

- headbox: made by ALLIMAND, hydraulic with 2 dematters, of which 1 variable speed, 1 rinser and ABB push/pull profile adjustment

- table: front shaker roll diam. 630mm, 1 HUYCK ceramic surface plate, 8 ALLIMAND and HUYCK hydrofoils, 2 HUYCK vacufoils, 8 vacuum boxes, 1 FINGKH 983 draining roll, diam. 1400 mm, 1 MILLSPAUDH vacuum cylinder diam. 810mm with ABB steam box, 1 driving roll, 1 manual guide roll, 2 manual and automatic stretching rolls, on Cantilever frame
Press section: ALLIMAND frame

1 polyurethane vacuum press diam. 750mm with 1 vacuum box and 1 vacuum rake

1 smooth polyurethane press diam. 710mm

1 polyurethane vacuum roller diam. 400mm

1 P2 ALLIMAND polyurethane press equipped with 1 double oscillating scraper diam. 710 and 740mm

1 polyurethane OFFSET press diam. 600mm, the set equipped with 3 vacuum boxes on the felt,

Pre-drying: ALLIMAND machine

1st battery: 4 cylinders

diam. 1500 mm

2nd battery : 4 drying cylinders diam. 1500 mm

3rd battery : 6 dry cylinders diam. 1500 mm

4th battery : 6 drying cylinders diam. 1500 mm

1 ABB moisture sensor

Size press: 2 polyurethane presses, diam. 650mm

- at outlet, 1 SPOONER cylinder on air cushion diam. 800mm, 2 infrared electric ramps

Post-drying: BATIGNOLLES machine

1 chrome cylinder diam. 1500mm

5 th battery : 7 drying cylinders diam. 1500

6 th battery : 1 drying cylinder diam. 1500 mm

15 MADELEINE rolls, 9 blow boxes

Pre-drying hopper, size press and BRUNNSCHWEILER post-drying unit from 2002, TECHMO SYSTEMS steam condensing system
Smoothing: ESCHER WYSS machine

- 1st: iron upper press, 800mm, polyurethane lower cylinder, variable dome, 560mm

- 2nd: iron upper press, 800mm, polyurethane lower cylinder, variable dome, 560mm

- 3rd: polyurethane upper cylinder, variable dome, 560mm, iron lower press 800mm
Process control :

1 ABB ULMA NT defect detector

Reel: BATIGNOLLES machine

max. speed 650m/mn, max. diam. webs 1800 mm
Intake system: by section: MERLIN GERIN machine from 1988, max. speed 700m/mn

(electric cabinets from the front of the machine to the offset press, reconditioned in 2005 by ASIROBICON)
Suction pump:

- 1 DARDELET VG 39 suction pump (felt conditioning)

- 1 DARDELET VF 49 suction pump (felt conditioning)

- 1 NASH type CL3002 suction pump, n° N2890 from 2002 (felt conditioning)

all fitted with separator

- 1 SULZER suction pump, type KRC8SC45-20 from 1962 (suction under wire)

- 1 NEYRET BEYLIER type N1110 suction pump (P2 press)

- 1 NEYRPIC type N11E suction pump, n° 4669 from 1971 (P1 press)

- 1 NASH suction pump, type CL2002 from 2002 (P1 press)

- 1 NEYRET suction pump, type N11E (P2 press)
BIJUR grease unit,

BARACHINI CLIMOBILE refrigeration unit, declared 1984 (improvements made to profile)
Supervision: ABB from 2000


Conveying of bales:
1 blue and yellow automatic bale conveying installation, no apparent brand, including:

ground level:

- 5 15 m motorised chain conveyors (5m stocking zone and 10m conveying zone) under 1 12x12m canopy, 6m high with galvanised metal armature and cladding covering

- 1 pallet dispenser with BOLZONI clamp, capacity of 4 bales, mounted on 10 m long rails

- 1 2m motorised chain transfer conveyor, serving a 2m lift conveyor, lifting height approximately 8m, control console on pallet dispenser OGEE ALSTHOM, protection by JAY safety light curtain

upper level:

- 1 2m motorised chain conveyor with 2 scales en series, manual unstrapping

- 1 15° angled conveyor, 1,50 m long

- 1 1.5m long motorised chain shunter conveyor, at an angle of 15° serving

- 2 motorised chain conveyors, approximately 9m long, at an angle of 15°, supplying the HC and HL pulpers

EUROSYSTEM console for manual control of the upper level and supervision
2 HILO medium concentration stainless steel pulpers with a capacity of m3, each equipped with 1 swing door-opening chimney (cylinders, pneumatic), each equipped with one volumetric valve

the HL pulper supplying either the 60 m3 agitated C or L tanks in tiled masonry

the HC pulper supplying either the 60 m3 agitated CL or MF tanks in tiled masonry, pumps at tank outlet have declared output of 250 m3/h

3 EMERSON CLAFLIN 101 conical refiners from 1962, n° BEB220, BEB218 and BEB219

with ASEA 200 kW motor (mechanical locking)

2 CLAFLIN EMERSON 202 conical refiners, of which 1 n° REC479

with ASEA 315 kW (pneumatic locking)

1 EMERSON CLAFLIN 303 conical refiner (n° C480)

with 418 kW motor (pneumatic locking)

blade or honeycomb fittings.

These refiners supply by gravitation the 2 60 m3 agitated tanks in tiled masonry, CR and LR, at the outlet of these tanks, 1 pump with a declared flow of 250 m3/h

1 50 m3 agitated stainless steel mixer (receives short fibres, long fibres, water from broken paper, glue and brightener) at outlet 1, pump towards the 2 tanks at the headbox.
ALLIBE broken paper line:
1 SOGRAMI 3000 x 1800 mm motorised conveyor belt

1 JYLHAVAARA type 12976-M/3350K roll cutter, n° 14181/153 from 1995, blade length 2450mm, at outlet end 1 motorised conveyor belt, at an angle of 30°, approximately 9m long, supplying

1 ALLIBE 18 m3 stainless steel pulper, swing door opening (by pneumatic jacks) with draining and recirculation pumps
HELICO broken paper line:
1 3000x1400 mm belt conveyor

1 SIRE GUILLOTINE type cutter, n° C9007L188 from 1990, diam. 1000mm, width 1250mm, blade length 1340 mm

1 motorised conveyor belt at an angle of 30°, approximately 6000x1400 mm, supplying

1 6 m3 LAMORT AIKAWA HELICO high density pulper, equipped with 2 steam injectors,
at outlet of ALLIBE and LAMORT pulpers, 1 pump supplying either

1 HILO stainless steel pulper, declared capacity of 12 m3

HILO and HELICO pulpers supply 1 C52 concrete tank of 50 m3, with FLYGHT agitator (in MAP5 hall), at outlet 1 LAMORT EGGER pump, declared flow of 250 m3/h

1 NEYRFOR EPE type cleaner, n° 105, flow 540L/mn

1 NEYRPIC FIBROTOM 62 deflaker, n° 61060, ABB 90 kW motor, towards

2 53A and 53B agitated twin tanks, in masonry, interior epoxy resin, 30 m3 or

1 54 agitated tank, in masonry, interior epoxy resin, 30 m3

the 53B and 54 tanks are equipped with MILLTRONICS level detectors

at the outlet of these tanks, 1 pump supplies the mixer

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