Avez-vous une pièce d’identité?

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You are discussing holiday arrangements with a friend

  1. Greet Mireille, and say who is speaking.

  2. Say you (use ‘on’)can have dinner together at the new restaurant this evening.

  3. Ask what she thinks of that.

  4. Say you can go there another time if she is busy tonight.

  5. Say Wednesday is good for you.

You are in a travel agency.

  1. Say you want to cancel your trip to Nice.

  2. Say now you are going to take your holidays in September and you would like to book a flight for the 14th.

  3. ask if this is possible.

  4. Say you can’t change the date in order to leave earlier. You have to work until the 13th of September.

Talking about sports.

  1. ask your friend what sort of sports he/she plays and which ones he/she prefers.

  2. Then tell him/her about the sports you like and dislike.

  3. Mention at least 6 different sports.

You are in class

  1. say that you have not done your homework

  2. say that it is the first time

  3. say that you won't do it again

  4. ve three reasons why you have not done it

  5. thank the teacher for his/her understanding

You are talking about school

  1. ask how many lessons does he/she have every day

  2. ask at what time does the school start

  3. ask what his/her favourite subject is

  4. ask what sport facilities they have at school

  5. ask about the discipline

  6. ask what foreign languages he/she studies

You are at a petrol station

  1. say that you want to buy some petrol

  2. ask the attendant to fill up the tank

  3. ask the attendant to check the water in the radiator the oil and the tyre pressure

  4. ask whether they have any toilets here

  5. ask whether you may pay with a credit card

You are at the station

  1. ask for a ticket, return, second class.

  2. say that would prefer a seat near the window

  3. ask at what time the train leaves

  4. ask when does it arrives

  5. ask whether you must change train

  6. say that you have decided not to travel today because you don't like travelling by yourself

Au service de crédit d'un grand magasin

  1. explain that you would like to buy a computer

  2. ask whether they accept cheques/credit card/ traveller's cheques

  3. ask if you make make a lay by ( une avance)

  4. ask whether they have credit facilities ( des facilités de crédit)

  5. explain that you have a bank account

  6. say that you have a source of income and give details.

You are in a department store

  1. ask where the food section is

  2. ask whether there is a lift

  3. ask if it is working

  4. explain that you cannot walk down the stairs because you broke your leg whilst skiing

  5. ask the sales lady to give you six slices of cheese and a bottle of mineral water

  6. say that you will wait for her

  7. thank her for her help

  8. say that you have seen the same socks half-price in the market

  9. ask whether they can deliver

You are at the bus terminal

  1. say that you are taking the 10.40 pm coach. because you missed the last train at 5.15 pm

  2. ask if it is on time or late

  3. ask whether the coach is direct

  4. ask whether there is a later coach

  5. ask whether there is a train direct to Bordeaux

  6. ask what type of coach it is

You are in a hotel

  1. say that you have booked a room for the two next weeks

  2. ask which floor it is on

  3. ask whether there is a lift

  4. say that you like the room and that you will take it

  5. ask the receptionist to help you with your suitcase

  6. ask him to wake you up tomorrow at six o'clock

  7. ask whether there is a swimming pool in the hotel

Au bureau de réclamations d'un grand magasin

  1. ask to see the manager because you wish to complain

  2. express your complaint to the manager

  3. say that you want to return the jumper you have bought and explain why

  4. say that the price is outrageous

  5. say that you would prefer get your money back because you have seen the same jumper, in the same colour and the same brand at half the price somewhere else.

  6. express you anger and state that you will never come back to this place again.

You are in a book store

  1. explain that you need some help

  2. say that you would like a book to study French

  3. ask whether they can recommend one

  4. ask whether they offer a discount for students

  5. ask whether they have it as a second-hand book

  6. say that you don't mind if it is an older edition

  7. say that you must think about it and you'll be back

You are invited to a party

  1. ask whether parents are allowed

  2. ask the reason for the party

  3. say that you have a lots of "hits" on cassette

  4. say that you can bring them

  5. say that you will bring some food and drinks

  6. say that one has never enough anyway

You are in a market

  1. ask how much the potatoes are

  2. say that you will take two kilos

  3. ask whether they have any fruits

  4. ask for a pound of green apples

  5. ask for a punnet of strawberries

  6. ask for a dozen oranges

  7. ask how much it is

You are in a souvenir shop

  1. ask that would like something with a bit of local colour for your sister

  2. say that a pen with her name is a good idea

  3. ask for the price

  4. say that you would like something cheaper

  5. say that will take a small Eiffel figurine

  6. say that you would like also something else but you have forgotten what

You are in a large department store at the lost property section.

  1. explain that you have lost your wallet.

  2. say where and how.

  3. scribe its contents (credit card, pictures, passport, money ....)

  4. ask if they could ring you at your hotel if they find it.

You have lost your bag

  1. explain to the policeman that you have lost your bag

  2. explain where

  3. " " when

  4. scribe its content ( a picture of your dog, passport, credit card, traveller's cheques...)

  5. ask what must you do now

  6. thank the policeman

You are at the beach with a friend

  1. invite your friend to go swimming

  2. ask why he does not fancy swimming now because it is really hot

  3. tell him to be put some cream against the sun

  4. explain that the sun is dangerous for the skin

  5. ask him to look after your sun glasses and your bag

  6. say that you will be back in a short while

  7. say that it is a pity that he does not want to swim

You are looking for a restaurant

  1. ask someone to recommend a good restaurant

  2. explain what you mean by "good"

  3. say the type of food you prefer

  4. say that you would like to try something local

  5. thank the person for his help

You meet a french person in the train

  1. ask whether he can speak English

  2. say that you are visiting France

  3. say how long you intend to stay here for

  4. say why you are here

  5. say how long you have been studying French

  6. tell him to repeat more slowly because he speaks too fast for you

  7. ask what did he say

  8. ask what he meant in English

  9. ask whether he could translate a word for you

  10. say that you don't speak fluently yet but you will very soon

You are looking for a place to have a meal

  1. ask someone where you can eat in the area

  2. ask whether there are many restaurants nearby

  3. ask whether there is a good restaurant nearby which is not too expensive

  4. say that you are keen on seafood

  5. thank the person

You have just arrived in a small French town

  1. ask whether there is a place to get a meal

  2. say that if all the restaurants are closed at this time of the day maybe there is a snack-bar or a cafe

  3. say that usually you don't like take-away but you have no choice

  4. thank the person for his/her help

You are in a French town speaking to a passer-by

  1. ask whether he/she can help you

  2. explain that you would like to get to the youth hostel

  3. ask if he/did say straight ahead or to the right

  4. ask him how far it is

  5. ask whether you can walk there

  6. ask what bus goes there

  7. ask where is the nearest stop

You talk to a tourist ..

  1. offer to help

  2. tell him that the swimming pool is on the third street after the bridge on the left

  3. explain that it is closed now

  4. suggest Bondi Beach

  5. explain that the Bus 344 goes there

  6. Indicate where the closest bus stop is

You are shopping for some clothes

  1. You go into a shop and greet the sales person

  2. he asks you what you are looking for

  3. say that you'd like a jumper he asks what size

  4. say that you are not sure explain that the French use different size than in Australia

  5. ask whether you can try it

  6. e shows you one and you find it too small

  7. ask whether he has something larger

  8. e gives to you another one

  9. explain that you like the model and the size but you would like another colour something perhaps lighter

  10. explain that you love about dark colours

  11. say that you like the cream one and that you'll take it

You are shopping for some clothes

  1. ask whether the shirts in the baskets are on sale

  2. say that they are out of fashion

  3. explain that you don't follow the fashion

  4. ask what are they made of

  5. ask whether they are washable

  6. ask whether they need ironing

  7. say that you will take half a dozen

You are shopping for some clothes

  1. say that you are looking for a business shirt

  2. say that you need a black one to go with a white tie

  3. explain why

  4. say that money is no problem

  5. say that you will take one for you and one for your mum.

You are talking about you travelling plans

  1. explain what you would do on you first day in Paris

  2. explain that you will avoid hôtels and will stay in youth hostels.

  3. explain why

  4. say that you have to get your youth hostel membership

You are shopping in a department store

  1. ask where the souvenir section is

  2. explain that you need some help or advice

  3. say that you want to buy something for your dad but you don't know what

  4. explain that you only have twenty dollars to spend

  5. say that you want something with a bit of the local colour

  6. repeat there of the suggestions you have heard

  7. explain why the two first two are not suitable and the last one is.

  8. ask whether they accept Australian money or traveller's cheques.

You are shopping with a friend

  1. ask what he/she think about this jumper

  2. ask whether it fits you

  3. say that it will go perfectly with your trousers

  4. ask his opinion about the quality

  5. ask him his advice about the price

  6. suggest another place where things are much cheaper.

You are stopped by the police while driving

  1. say that this car does not belong to you

  2. explain that it is a rented car

  3. say that you did not see the red light

  4. say that you have an international driving license

  5. thank the policeman for letting you go

  6. say that you be more careful from now on.

Au Cent Mille Chapeaux

  1. ask whether you can try the hat on

  2. ask for a different colour

  3. ask for a larger size

  4. ask for a different model

  5. that you would like something typically Australian

  6. explain that your French pen Friend has asked you to bring one just like Crocodile Dundee

You are in a car with a friend

  1. tell him/her that he/she went through a red light

  2. tell him/her to watch for the stop sign

  3. remind him/her that the speed limit is 110 K per hour on the highways and 80 on the roads

  4. tell him that he has not his seat belt on

  5. tell him that you are only trying to help him

You are a receptionist in a large office

  1. say that the manager is not available now

  2. d that he/she is busy

  3. you must organise an appointment first

  4. say you are going to try to see what you can do

  5. organise an appointment for a given date and time

You are in the hôtel and you are going out

  1. tell the receptionist that you are going out

  2. explain you'll be back in the afternoon in case someone calls you

  3. ask him/her to take the message if someone asks for you

  4. ask where the closest place to change some Australian money is

  5. ask whether you must leave your key at the desk

You have lost your way

  1. say that you have been going in circles and you think that you have lost your way

  2. say where your hotel is located

  3. thank the person for walking the whole way back with you

  4. say that you have appreciated his/her help and that you don't know what you would have done without him/her

You are leaving the hôtel

  1. ask for the bill

  2. ask whether there is any mail for you

  3. ask whether they could sent it to you in case some arrives after you leave

  4. ask the receptionist to call for a taxi

  5. ask how far the airport is from the city

  6. ask whether there is a bus service

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