Avez-vous une pièce d’identité?

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  1. ask who is on the line

  2. ask whether you could speak to Sam

  3. explain that the line is not very clear

  4. say that there is no one answering that name

  5. ask someone to speak louder

  6. ask whether you can leave a message

  7. say that you will call at a later stage

  8. ask someone on the phone to be kind enough to take a message

  9. explain that you sister is not here but she won't be very long

  10. tell someone not to hang up.

Restaurant/ Cafes

  1. order oysters

  2. ask what is hors d'oeuvre an entree

  3. ask whether they have green pepper steak rare/medium/ well done

  4. roasted chicken

  5. orange duck

  6. fried /baked fish

  7. roast veal

  8. rilled mutton chops

  9. ps

  10. vegetables

  11. salad

  12. peas

  13. reen salad

  14. tomato salad

  15. mushrooms

  16. reme caramel

  17. pple pie

  18. ruit salad

  19. ce cream

  20. eese

  21. liqueurs

  22. white/red wine

  23. ask for the bill

  24. some fish

  25. the plat du jour

  26. boiled / hard boiled / fried egg

  27. ask what's the house specialty/

  28. ask for a serviette/salt pepper. mustard

  29. that you won't have any dessert to night

meals and food

  1. say that the meal was delicious

  2. you love over cooked beef, raw vegetables and burnt potatoes

  3. ask for some more vegetables

  4. explain that you are vegetarian

  5. say that you are starving/ not hungry/thirsty…

  6. you enjoyed the wine

  7. you are bit tipsy/ drunk/

  8. ask for a black coffee / white /tea/ with sugar and milk in a cup/ a glass/ a bowl...

  9. ask whether the tip is included

  10. tell the waiter to keep the change

  11. ask to speak to the manager

  12. say that you don't have an appointment but you are in a hurry

  13. specify that

  14. ask for the meaning of the words "couvert" / "service"/ menu/ carte..

  15. explain them.

  16. That you are two but you are expecting four more people/ a couple of friend

  17. ask for a larger table

  18. ask for more bread

  19. Say that a red wine will go well with beef/ white wine will go well with fish explain that your meat is burnt/ cold/like charcoal/ raw/ just right/ tough/ salty/spicy/ uneatable/ the worst/ the best you have ever tasted…

  20. ask whether there is a stop over and how long

  21. say That you and on stand by

  22. whether there is student restaurant around here

  23. ongratulate the owner/ the chef / the waiter

You are at the doctor's

  1. greet the doctor and explain that you have an appointment

  2. tell him that you have hurt your leg

  3. explain how

  4. ask whether it is serious

  5. ask whether he can give you something against the pain

  6. explain that he has been hurting you for two days

  7. ask for a prescription

  8. thank him and ask how much you owe him

You are at the doctor's

  1. explain that you don’t know what the matter with you

  2. explain that the pain has been persisting so you are consulting a doctor

  3. you have a headache that does not leave you for a week

  4. you took a pill against the pain but its effect does not last...

  5. the pain wakes you up at night…

  6. whether it is serious and how long it will last..

The doctor is checking your chest with a stethoscope.

  1. say that you don't smoke because it is bad for your health.

  2. you have already checked your temperature ..

  3. you don't have any fever..

  4. ask him to check your pulse..

  5. say that your heartbeat seems to be fast

  6. explain that you are loosing your hair..

  7. say you never have a moment of rest..

  8. whether it is an allergy

  9. you don't suffer from an heart condition..

  10. ask how long do you have to live ?

  11. ask whether the visit over ?

You are asking a few questions about school to a new friend

  1. ask how far is the school

  2. ask what type of school it is

  3. ask how does he/she get to school

  4. ask what foreign languages does he/she study

  5. ask what are the compulsory subjects at school

You are talking about your home town

  1. say that you live in the centre of town

  2. explain that you live in a fairly large house

  3. explain that the beach is not very far but you never go

  4. ve three reasons for this

  5. say that it is quite an industrial town

You want to join a library

  1. ask whether you can join

  2. ask how long you can keep the books for

  3. ask how many you can borrow

  4. ask where the catalogue is

  5. say that you are looking for a French dictionary

  6. explain that you have an assignment on French grammar

  7. ask where the best place to start would be

You had a slight accident

  1. say that you have swallowed some tablets,and cough mixture...

  2. explain that you have a headache,a toothache and a backache...

  3. say that have a cold or the flue…

  4. say that you are sneezing and coughing..

  5. explain you avoid to eat out because it is bad for your health…

  6. ask what medecine must you take and repeat the doctor instructions...


  1. someone asks you

  2. on which floor your friend live

  3. explain that the toilets are in the park about four hundred meters away

  4. you are told to take the second street right and the Routier is straight ahead on your left

  5. you ask is it far

  6. you are told about 5 minutes on foot and thirty minutes by car because of the traffic jam

  7. you thank him very much and he answers don't mention it.


  1. ask whether someone to help you and whether there is an hotel around here

  2. explain that you would like something in town and not too expensive

  3. ask whether you must book

  4. ask whether you can walk to the hotel

  5. ask whether you can call a cab

  6. say where you want to go explain that you have just arrived to town by train

  7. ask where is the reception desk

  8. explain that you have just phoned

  9. explain that you have booked a room

  10. ask whether there is a restaurant in the hotel

  11. ask at what time they serve dinner

  12. ask where is a room

  13. ask whether there is a lift (un ascenseur)

  14. ask whether someone can help you with your suitcases

You are in Amboise and you want to visit Leonardo da Vinci's home

  1. stop a passerby and ask whether he knows the way

  2. ask whether you can walk

  3. ask whether he knows if it is opened at the time of the day

  4. say that you are very fond of the man

  5. say that you think he was a genius

  6. ask whether there is car park near the museum.

Someone ask you some directions

  1. say that it is not too far, about ten minutes by foot

  2. tell the person to go straight ahead , to turn left on the second street and that the Town Hall is 100 metres away on the left

  3. say that it should be indicated

  4. say don't mention when the person thank you.

You are standing in front of the information desk. Tourists must take you for a guide. They ask you all these questions. You answer.

  1. explain that the bus stop is outside the station

  2. say that there is no station near here

  3. say that it is a 3 minutes walk

  4. it is on the way to Paris

  5. say that it is just here

  6. say that there 2 cafes nearby

  7. say it 50 meters away , next to the book shop

  8. between the fish shop and the horse butcher

You are asking the way

  1. ask whether there is a public phone around here

  2. where the market place is

  3. whether you can there by foot

  4. whether the bus 45 goes there

  5. what line must you take.

  6. ask how long does it take by foot

You need a chemist

  1. ask whether there is a chemist around here which stays opened all night

  2. ask if it is far and how far iti s

  3. ask whether you can walk there easily

  4. explain why it is urgent

You are in town . You are speaking to a French tourist

  1. offer your help

  2. explain where the nearest bank is

  3. explain that it is about five hundred meters

  4. tell him the bus 345 goes there

  5. tell him to get off at the third stop

  6. offer to take him to the nearest bus stop

You are in plane

  1. say that you don't like flying

  2. explain that you are always air sick

  3. say that you took something against it but it does not have any effect yet

  4. ask whether there is a film on

  5. say that you don't think that "Airport, part 9 ' is a good film to watch while flying

You are in a plane

  1. ask whether there is a pilot in the plane

  2. ask the air hostess where is the next meal

  3. ask for a drink and pills against air sickness

  4. ask at what time will the plane land

  5. expalin that your headphone does not work properly

You are in a plane

  1. say to the pilot that you are hijacking the plane to Tasmania

  2. explain that it was only a joke

  3. say that you don’t know how to lock the safety belt

  4. next time you will fly another air line

  5. explain why

You want to go out

  1. tell your parents you are going out

  2. explain that you are visiting a sick friend

  3. say that you have already finished all your homeworks for the next day

  4. explain that you don’t feel like working now because you had a tough test and you feel like resting a bit

  5. say that you won’t be late

  6. say that you’ll have dinner at your fiend’s place

  7. tell your family not to wait for you

  8. add that if someone rings you to tell them where you are or to leave a message

  9. tell your mum not to worry

You go to the police station

  1. say you have lost your passport

  2. say you think it has been stolen

  3. say you don’t know where but somebody bumped into you in the Jardin des Tuileries

  4. ask if they think you will get it back

Stop a lady in the street

  1. ask how to get to the museum

  2. Repeat the instructions she gives you

  3. Thank her and say good-bye politely.

You are in a car-hire office.

  1. ask what you have to do to hire a car

  2. Say you'd like a big car

  3. ask how much it is for a week.

You are at the doctor's surgery.

  1. Say you have the following symptoms:

  2. sore throat

  3. runny nose

  4. an upset stomach

  5. temperature.

  6. ask the doctor if it's serious.

You go to the markets in Avignon

  1. ask for a kilo of pears and six oranges

  2. say you would also like half a kilo of tomatoes and a small cabbage

  3. ask if they have any bananas

  4. say that's a pity, in that case you'll have some strawberries.

You are talking about your next holiday. Say the following things.

  1. You are going to France next year.

  2. You are going to travel by aeroplane.

  3. Say you're going to go to the beach, to the mountains and to Paris.

You have just met M Dufour at a party.

  1. ask him if he likes sport.

  2. ask him if he plays golf.

  3. Say you go jogging in the mornings, at 6 o'clock.

You are at a youth hostel in Paris, talking with a new friend

  1. ask what s/he would like to see in Paris tomorrow

  2. say you need to go to the bank first

  3. suggest you visit Beaubourg and have lunch there

  4. say you have already seen the Eiffel Tower.

It's your first day at your new French school

  1. say your name is Michel(le) and you come from Bordeaux

  2. say there are six people in your family

  3. your parents, two brothers, one sister and you

  4. say your mother is an architect and your father is an engineer

  5. say you like swimming and going to concerts.

You are on a street in Paris.

  1. Stop someone and ask if they can help you.

  2. Say you want to know where the Pompidou Centre is.

  3. Repeat the instructions you are given: “I take the 2nd street on the right, then the 1st street on the left.”

You are asked some directions

  1. Say you are sorry, you can’t help them, you don’t know where it is.

  2. Say you are from Australia, and you are here on holiday.

  3. Tell them they can ask at the Tourist Information office.

You have been feeling sick, and you go to a doctor.

  1. tell the doctor you have a headache and a pain in your chest.

  2. say it hurts when you cough.

  3. ask what is wrong with you.

You are seeking assistance from your hotel concierge.

  1. Say your car has broken down

  2. ask how one hires a car around here.

  3. Say you would like to hire a Peugeot, and ask what the concierge thinks of that.

You are talking to a policeman.

  1. ask him if you can turn right here.

  2. Repeat his answer that it is forbidden to turn right here, then ask what you have to do to get to Montpellier.

You are talking to a friend

  1. Say that your brother is very keen on football.

  2. ask your friend his/her opinion of football.

  3. Say you agree with him/her, you think football is a brutal and dangerous sport.

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