Avez-vous une pièce d’identité?

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titreAvez-vous une pièce d’identité?
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A student asks you for some money in the street

  1. ask the reason

  2. ask how much

  3. ask whether he has asked his parents already

  4. say that you love to help by you can’t

  5. explain why

  6. suggest him to ask someone else

  7. Explain that this person is quite well off or at least better off than you are

You are talking about the future

  1. say that you are worried about the future

  2. that you have not decided yet what to do after the HSC

  3. that you still have years of studies in front of you

  4. that you are too young to decide now

  5. that you have some exams to sit for

  6. that you have already pass an exam

  7. say that you rather spend your time on the beach sunbathing and swimming.

You are talking about your plans for your holidays

  1. say that you intend you go overseas

  2. rest for a while on the seaside on the Côte d'Azur

  3. then spent sometime in the snow in the Alps

  4. add that you must first get your passport

  5. ask how long does it take to get it.

You stop a passerby in the street

  1. pologise for disturbing him and ask whether he can help you

  2. ask for directions to the nearest metro station

  3. repeat his instructions (first street on the left after the crossing opposite the factory)

  4. ask at what time the last train is and ask if it is not too late to buy tickets now.

You are talking about you travelling plans

  1. explain what you would do on you first day in Paris

  2. explain that you will avoid hôtels and will stay stay in youth hostels.

  3. explain why

  4. say that you have to get your youth hostel membership

You meet an old school friend

  1. express your surprise and say for how you did not see each other

  2. ask what has been happening since you left school

  3. ask what has become of him/her

  4. say that you have a lot to catch up

  5. ask where is/she is staying while in town

You had a party and all your guest are gone

  1. say that the party was a failure

  2. explain why

  3. say that you will never invite Duduche again

  4. explain why

  5. say that now you have to clean up

  6. say that your parents won't be happy with the mess

  7. say that the carpet has a cigarette burn on it

You are having a party

  1. thank the guests for coming

  2. say that it is one o'clock and that the neighbours are complaining about the noise

  3. tell them that the washing-up has got to be done

  4. thank them for helping you

Un ami vous téléphone....

  1. ask about his health

  2. say that you did not hear about him for ages

  3. ask how you can help him/her

  4. say that you don't like lending records

  5. offer to lend cassettes instead

  6. thank him for inviting you to his birthday party

  7. apologises for not being able to come and give a reason

You are invited to a party

  1. ask when it is

  2. ask for which occasion

  3. ask where it is

  4. ask at what time does it starts and when does it ends

  5. ask whether someone can drive you back

  6. ask who will be coming

  7. say that you hoe Duduche won't come

  8. explain that he always get drunk at parties and spoils them

  9. ask whether it will be formal or casual

  10. ask what can you bring

  11. ask if you can bring your sister and her fiance

  12. say that you are delighted to have been invited

  13. ask whether you really have to come

You have a guest at your place

  1. tell him/her to make herself at home

  2. ask whether he likes something to drink

  3. say that there is a letter for her/him

  4. ask whether he/she would like to do something special

  5. suggest an outing

You are invited to a party

  1. ask whether parents are allowed

  2. ask the reason for the party

  3. say that you have a lots of "hits" on cassette

  4. say that you can bring them

  5. say that you will bring some food and drinks

  6. say that one has never enough anyway

The phone rings. you answer

  1. Identify yourself and give your number

  2. ask who is on the phone

  3. ask the person to repeat and say that there is no David at this number

  4. check what number the person was looking for

  5. say that it is the right number

  6. explain that this is a not a new number and that you have always lived here

  7. say that you cannot help and suggest to contact the enquiries

  8. add that there is no need to apologise

  9. say that errors are human

Vous téléphonez à un ami.

  1. His brother René answers and tells you that Alain is out

  2. ask when will he be back

  3. René answer that he does not know when he will be back and adds that he has gone to the library

  4. say that it is a pity

  5. he ask whether he can take a message

  6. ask whether Alain has received your letter this morning

  7. he answers that he is not sure but he does not think so

  8. he ask when was it posted

  9. you answer two days ago

  10. he says that it will certainly arrive to day

  11. say that you hope so

  12. He says that Alain won’t certainly be late

  13. ask whether Alain is going out this evening

  14. and with whom

  15. he answers that he does know for sure that he is going out but he does not know where ant with whom

  16. he asks whether you are thinking of going out to

  17. you answer and add that whether Alain could ring back as soon as he comes back

  18. he asks for your phone number and asks whether you will be home all afternoon

  19. answer that you won’t go out and that you will wait for his phone call

  20. give your number and explain that it is a new number

Un ami vous téléphone....

  1. ask who is on the phone.. And identify yourself

  2. .( He invites to see a film in town )

  3. Answer that you are not free and explain that you are very busy...

  4. explain that you are about to study for a test

  5. apologize..

  6. ( He proposes the next day )

  7. Say that you agree and explain that will do because then you will be on holidays

  8. ..ask what type of film it is and who is the main actor.

  9. ..ask whether the film is in colour or black and white…

  10. ..ask where it is and if it is in the city…

  11. ask if it is forbidden to "under 13"

  12. ask if he is sure…

  13. ask for the price and say that it is not cheap…

  14. explain that you will be on time

  15. say that you are always on time and that if you were late last time it is because the car broke down…

  16. ask who will be with him

  17. say that it is not important who will be with us…

  18. say that there is no point getting angry and add that you don't care anyway…

  19. ask for the time and add that you were doing your homework and that it late now...

You are applying for a summer job at the ANEP(Agence Nationale pour l’emploi)

  1. explain that you intend to stay the whole summer in France

  2. explain what you need to work

  3. describe the type of job you would like

  4. insist on part-time work so you can attend to French classes at the Alliance Française

  5. explain that you cannot take a job as a fruit picker because you need to live in town

You are at a police station

  1. explain that you have not stolen anything

  2. say that you had a bottle of perfume and a scarf in your bag by accident

  3. say that you were daydreaming and did not pay attention

  4. say that it is very embarrassing

  5. offer to pay all the items

You are applying for a job in an office

  1. say that you would like to apply for the position advertised in the newspaper

  2. explain that you can type

  3. say that you can type fifty word a minute

  4. say that you have a good command of French and the English is your mother tongue

  5. that you can start working as soon as possible

  6. ask about the working conditions

You are applying for a receptionist job in an hotel

  1. say that you enjoy working with people that you are not afraid of responsibilities

  2. hat you have experience with word processing and computers

  3. say that you have worked in a supermarket at the cash register

  4. say that you are planning to make a career in tourism

  5. that you are too young to decide no

You are baby sitting

  1. tell your employee that you are used to children

  2. ask at what time should you send the children to bed

  3. ask whether they allowed to watch T.V

  4. ask where you could contact them in case of an emergency

  5. ask when will they be back

  6. ask whether they could drive to back home.

You have an appointment and you call at the reception

  1. indicate your name

  2. say that you would like to see M Froidevaux

  3. explain that you have a appointment a 3 o'clock

  4. you are asked to wait for a moment while she rings up to check

  5. the receptionist tells you that M Froidevaux is expecting you

  6. she tells you to go to the end of the corridor

  7. thank the person

You are at the travel's agent

  1. say that you would like to spend a week in a ski resort

  2. ask what does he have to suggest

  3. say that you are only inquiring at this stage

  4. say when you want to go

  5. ask whether you can take the brochure

  6. You are at the lost and found objects

  7. ask for the lost and found objects office

  8. that you have lost your suitcase

  9. describe it

  10. that you must fill up the form

  11. ask whether there is any chance to get it back

  12. give them an address and phone number to contact you

You are buying a ticket for a concert

  1. .say.you want to book a ticket near the stage

  2. on the second row..

  3. whether there is any seat left..

  4. that you don't mind on the side..

  5. ask whether you have to pay full price.

  6. d show your student card and for a discount for students

  7. .say that you don't mind small change at all..

You are buying a ticket for a concert

  1. explain that this singer must be popular because there are very few seats available

  2. say that you don't have any change, you only have a 100 franc bill

  3. Say that seat in the last row does not disturb you

  4. and explain that anyhow, you have no choice..

u service de crédit d'un grand magasin

  1. explain that you would like to buy a computer

  2. ask whether they accept cheques/credit card/ traveller's cheques

  3. ask you can make a lay by ( une avance)

  4. ask whether they have credit facilities ( des facilités de crédit)

  5. explain that you have a bank account

  6. say that you have a source of income and give details.

You are in a bank in a small town

  1. say that you intend to stay in Nevers for a fortnight and you need to buy a guide of the region

  2. ut you don’t have any French money

  3. Say that you would like to change some Australian dollars

  4. explain that you have forgotten your passport in the hotel add that you did not know that it was necessary when changing money

  5. explain that you have received a cheque order through the bank and you cashed it yesterday

  6. say that you would like to talk to the man in charge because you have some complaints to make

  7. say that you rather speak to the manager in person

  8. say that you have wasted enough time like that and explain that you don’t really fancy the idea to go back to your hotel to queue up again

  9. nd that you rather return to morrow explain that you have never seen anything like that

You are looking for a place to have a meal

  1. ask someone and ask where you can eat in the area

  2. ask whether there are many restaurants near by

  3. you ask whether there is a good restaurant nearby which is not too expensive

  4. say that you are keen on seafood

  5. thank the person

You are looking for a restaurant

  1. ask someone to recommend a good restaurant

  2. explain what you mean by "good"

  3. say the type of food you prefer

  4. that you would like to try something local

  5. thank the person for his help

You are discussing where to eat

  1. suggest a restaurant

  2. explain this restaurant is a very popular

  3. tell about its location and the price

  4. say that it opens late

  5. say that it is clean and good food

  6. comment on the pleasant service and the decor

You are in cafe

  1. all the waiter

  2. ask what do they have in the way of sandwiches

  3. ask whether they have something hot

  4. ask for a croque-monsieur

  5. say that you want a black coffee

  6. ask whether the juke-box works

  7. ask how much it cost

  8. ask whether he can change five francs in twenty cents coins.

You are in a cafe

  1. greet the waiter and ask for a cold drink

  2. ask him whether they have a phone in the cafe

  3. ask whether you need a token to ring

  4. say that you will be back in a short time

  5. tell him to leave your drink on the table

While waiting for a train you discuss with a another traveller

  1. say you did no understand because it is the first time that you are staying in France

  2. say that the people speaks too fast and that you are not used to it after five years of school french

  3. say that there are many John leaving in Sydney

  4. explain that it is a large city

  5. say that there might be kangaroos in the streets of the city but you never seen any

  6. explain that you must leave now because your train has just entered the station.

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