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Interventions dans des conférences internationales.

  1. “Art of time and slack periods : the cinematographical construction of time from Antonioni to Kiarostami”, International word and images congress, Holy Cross College, Worcester (Ma.), Juillet 2001.

  2. “The power of selection : conceptions of causation and selectionnist explanations”, Colloque franco-finlandais de philosophie des sciences, IHPST-Institut finlandais-Collège de France, Paris, March 15, 2003.

  3. “ “Animal economy” and the rise of psychiatry .“ UCLA (Los Angeles), Congrès des Lumières, roundtable « Anthropology of the Enlightenment », dir. Larry Wolff, Août 2003.

  4. Comment on Joan Steigerwald, German Biology in 19th century, org. Pietro Corsi, Paris, Museum, Decemeber 3-4, 2004.

  5. “Causation: about being a pragmatist”, World congress of philosophy, Spetses (Gr.), June, 28, 2004.

  6. “Weak realism in the etiological theory of functions”, ISHPSSB Conference, Guelph Juillet 2005

  7. “Mayr’s two concepts of cause and the etiological theory of functions”, International History of science conference, Beijing, Juillet 2005

  8. “The non-metaphysics of life and teleological judgments”, International Kant Congress, Sao Paulo, Septembre 2005

  9. “La question de l’organisation à l’époque des Lumières: entre naturalismes et kantisme”, Congrès international de la société d’études kantiennes, Napoli, Octobre 2005

  10. “The function of sex. A testcase for the etiological theory”, Conference Functional explanation and teleology, A tribute to Larry Wright, Paris, IHPST, Nov. 11 2005

  11. “On natural selection as a cause and as explanation”, Symposium on “Causes of evolution”, Canadian society for philosophy of science, Mai 2006

  12. Comment on K. Russell, “Key innovations”, Consortium for philosophy of biology, First meeting, “Complexity”, Montreal, Mai 2006

  13. “Eclipse and return of the organisms ?”, in The status of organisms in evolutionary theory, Rehseis, Paris, Mai 2006

  14. “Functional explanations in Trivers’ socio-biology”, Hopos Congress, Juin 2006, Paris

  15. “Emergent processes or emergence of properties”, symposium on computational emergence, PSA 2006, Vancouver

  16. Comment on Samir Okasha’s talk, Symbiosis, International conference, Philosophy and history of symbiosis studies, Paris, ISHPSSB, March 11, 2007

  17. “Causalité et selection” Congrès de la Société de Philosophie des Sciences, Genève, Mars 2007

  18. Comment on R. Bryant (The diversity stability hypothesis), Second Consortium for philosophy of biology meeting ‘Causation in biology”, Paris, Mai 2007

  19. “Pinel et le cas clinique”. ISECS international conference, Montpellier, Juillet 2007

  20. “Evolvability, transitions and the emergence of new individuals”, ISHPSSB, Exeter, Juy 2007

  21. Discussant, “About DST”, org. MC Lorne, ISHPSSB, Exeter 2007

  22. “L’unité de l’Unique fondement : histoire naturelle et métaphysique” Congrès de la Société d’Etudes kantiennes en langue française, Quebec, Octobre 3-6, 2007

  23. “Function and adaptation: a conceptual demarcation”, International conference on function and functional explanations, org. Gayon & De Ricqles, Paris, College de France, Mai 21-24

  24. “Robustness and the genotype phenotype maps”, Paris-Montreal Consortium for the History and Philosophy of Biology, ”Development”, 3rd Meeting, Mai 13 2008

  25. “Adaptation and multi level selection”, Pittsburgh-IHPST workshop, Adaptations in biology and psychology, Juin 4, 2008

  26. “What does computer science bring to evolutionary biology ? Classifying processes and patterns of open-ended evolution”, International seminar on models, P. Humphreys (org.), Paris, IHPST, Juin 9-13 2008

  27. “Ernst Mayr’s major concepts and their fate in the philosophy of biology”, HOPOS 2008, Vancouver, Juin 21 2008

  28. “The formal concept of emergence”, European graduate meeting in the philosophy of life sciences, Rovigo (It.), sept 4, 2008

  29. “Organisms as natural purposes : the return”, The concept of organism – session 2, IHPST, Paris, Dec. 13 2008

  30. “The inscrutability of selection and drift.” Philosophy of probabilities in physics and biology, Paris, Février 12-13 2009.

  31. Consortium for Philosophy of Biology, Duke University, Mai 22-24 2009 (comment on Bolduc’s talk)

  32. “Why extending the evolutionary synthesis ? A synthesis.” Paris, IHPST, Challenges to evolutionary theory : inheritance and development. Part I. Mai 2009.

  33. “Computer science meets evolutionary biology: pure possible processes and the issue of gradualism.” ECAP Conference (philosophy of computation), Barcelona, Juillet 2009.

  34. “The use of computer simulation in studying biological evolution: pure possible processes, selective regimes and open-ended evolution”, Symposium Biological instruments, International conference on the history of science and technique (ICHST), Budapest Juillet 09.

  35. “Emergence and life”, Le vitalisme, Montpellier, Juin 25, 2009

  36. “Model pluralism, concepts-pluralism and process-pluralism in the study of cooperation.” ISHPSSB Conference. Brisbane, Juillet 2009.

  37. “The causal status of natural selection.” Charles Darwin and modern biology. Saint Petersbourg, Septembre 21-23, 2009.

  38. “L’analytique de la biologie dans la métaphysique.” Kant, la science et les sciences. Congrès de la SEKLF. Lyon, Septembre , 8-12 2009.

  39. “Drift, selection, and the parsing of causes.” EPSA, Amsterdam, octobre 2009.

  40. “Computational emergence and predictability”  Congrès de la Société de Philosophie des Sciences, Paris Novembre 2009.

  41. “About the conceptual foundations of ecological engineering.” Ecological Engineering, from concepts to applications, Paris Dec. 4 2009

  42. “Computational Emergence, Robustness and Realism: Considering Ecology and Its Neutral Models  ” Reduction and emergence in the sciences.  IHPST/Pittsburgh conference, Décembre 12, 2009.

  43. “Explaining diversity : Modern synthesis and its challengers.” Challenges to evolutionary theory II. Toronto, Mars 2010.

  44. Commentaire sur “Defining life through reproduction”, Consortium for Philosophy of biology, Montreal, Mai 2010.

  45.  “Robustness, causation, and agent-based models in the social sciences” (avec I. Drouet) Conference: Causality in the biomedical and social sciences. Rotterdam, 6-8 octobre 2010.

  46. “Organisms in evolution ?”  History of Science Society, Nov. 2010

  47. “Formal darwinism and the view of organisms.”  PSA. Montreal, Nov. 2010.

  48. “The organismic critique within the Modern Synthesis and after », Interpreting the Modern Synthesis and sketching the agenda for philosophers of biology. Paris, IHPST, Nov. 11, 2010.

  49. “Weak individuality of organisms and ecosystems.” Organisms as ecosystems, ecosystems as organisms. (Stabeco program). Paris, December 16-17 2010.

  50. “Organisms in evolution : the story.” Workshop Adaptation and embodied cognition. Pittsburgh, 18-19 Mars 2011.

  51. “Development in evolution : issues about macro and microevoluttion.” Consortium for History and philosophy of biology¸ Paris, Mai 2011

  52. “Adaptation in transitions”, ISHPSSB, Salt Lake City, Juillet 2011.

  53. “Distinguishing explanatory regimes in evolutionary biology : a systematic view.” European Evolutionary Biology Meeting Egee, Marseille, 26-29 Septembre 2011.

  54. “Parallel justifications and genetic enhancement.” Conférence Transforming human nature, Dublin, October 2011.

  55. « La génétique des populations et la nature de l’évolution: définir l’évolution selon la Synthèse Moderne. » Congrès de la SPS, Montréal, Juin 2012.

  56. « The Modern Synthesis and its competing views of the explanatory structure of explanatory theory.” History of Sciences Society, Philadelphia, July 2012.

  57. “Computer simulations in evolution” European Advanced Seminar in the hilosophy of the life scences. Fondation Brocher, Genève, 7-13 Septembre 2012

  58. “The timescale issue in evolutionary theory”. Conférence internationale Time of nature, the nature of time. Bordeaux, 24-25 Septembre 2012

  59. Conférence Internationale L’émergence dans les sciences, Paris Sorbonne, 11 décembre 2012. “Making sense of emergence through simulations: predictability, causation and transitions.”

  60. “Articulating topological and mechanical explanations in evolutionary biology”. ISHPSSB, Montpellier, Juillet 2013

  61. “Agent-base models and causation” (Huneman P. et Drouet I.) Philosophy of Social Sciences Workshop, Venise, 3-4 Septembre 2013.

  62. « Individuality as a theoretical scheme : an interactions-first view of individualsConférence. Individuals in science, Paris, IHPST, Novembre 2013.

  63. “Conceptual transfers between economics and evolu5onary theory: the core and the limits of the analogy” Ghent Lille Darwinism & SHS Workshop. Lille, 24 Janvier 2014.

  64. “Individuals, and how they are made of causal interactions.” Conference Metaphysics of science: causation and natural kinds. Paris, 20-21 Mars 2014.

  65. “Diversifying the picture of explanations in biology: some ways of combining topology with mechanism” Philosophy of science , Dubrovnik, Avril 2014.

  66. “What prospects for evolutionary ethics?” Workshop values and reason, Paris- Columbia Alliance, Reid House, Paris, Juin 2014.

  67. “Network analysis and mechanistic models in community ecology: Is realism the crucial difference?Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) Meeting 2014, Chicago, Novembre 2014.

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Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum Vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum Vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum Vitae

Recherche, cnrs (ihpst), Paris curriculum vitae iconCurriculum vitae

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