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The level
French 4H will study various themes covered within chapters 1 through 9 of
Discovering French Rouge.

1) Moi-même et les descriptions physiques.

Subject Content





Suggested Instructional Activities

  1. Le visage

  2. les cheveux

  3. La taille

  4. Le poids

  5. les habits

  6. les chaussures

  1. Present indicative tense and order of : to be, to have, to go and to do.

  2. Idiomatic expressions used with to be, to have, to go and to do.

  3. Use of the articles.

  4. Nouns and articles used with the pronominal verbs.

  5. Present indicative of the group verbs in ER, IR, OIR, RE

  1. Le monde des arts

  2. savoir et reconnoitre les différents styles d’art: impressionnisme, après impressionnisme, le surréalime

  3. Robert Desnos

  4. Jacques Prévert

  5. l’art du XXeme siècle


All apply


All apply


All apply
Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards

All apply

Study Skills

All apply

  1. Discuss, compare and contrast:

  2. Expressing convictions

  3. Asking someone to take a position

  4. Asking for reasons

  5. Giving reasons

  6. Reporting past events

  7. Talk about life:

Actions and reactions to way of life.

  1. Think/pair-share

  2. Role play which requires informal interaction with peers

  3. Role play which requires formal interaction with adults

  4. Directed dialog

  5. Group surveys/polls

  6. Personalized questions

  7. Personalized true/false, yes/no

  8. Audiocassettes/CDs

  9. Videos/TV

  10. Realia

  11. Maps, charts, graphs, cartoons, comic books, magazines, newspapers, internet/multimedia, computers

  12. Art, music, dance, crafts

  13. Listening for gist

  14. Listening with visuals

  15. Targeted listening

  16. Total physical response

  17. Comprehension checks

  18. Information gap activities

  19. Sentence strips

  20. Drawing of visuals based upon aural stimuli

  21. Identifying socio-linguistic factors

  22. Recalling responses of others

  23. Paraphrasing in target language

  24. Identifying cognates and borrowed words

  25. Skimming

  26. Anticipation/prediction

  27. Scanning

  28. Extracting specific information

  29. Contextual guessing

  30. Pre-reading activities

  31. Cloze (multiple choice adaptation)

  32. Puzzles

  33. Foreign language glossaries, periodicals prepared for foreign language students

  34. Authentic print and media materials

  35. Guest speakers

  36. Note-taking

  37. Student-led activities

  38. Sentence, dialog and paragraph completion

  39. Sentence combining

  40. Guided descriptions

  41. Graphic organizers

  42. Peer correction and editing

  43. Guided current events

  44. Games

  45. Cooperative learning

  46. Language ladders

  47. Storytelling

  48. Guided compositions

  49. Power point presentations

  50. Read a short story and write a summary retelling the story from a different point of view.

  51. Critical reading

  52. Web research

  53. Interactive activities

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