Course Name: French 4H

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East Brunswick Public Schools

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Course Name: French 4H

Course No. : 1204

Program : AAAF

Schools in which the course is offered:
East Brunswick High School

Churchill Junior High School

Date of Adoption: 8/26/93

Date of Revision: 9/08/05

French 4H

Prepared by: Mary Mackenzie, Foreign Language Supervisor

Claire Richalet Rodrigues

Lorna Laurie

Dr. Joann Magistro Evelyn Ogden

Superintendent Deputy Superintendent
Michael Baker, President

Holly Howard, Vice President

Vicki Becker

Stacy Bravman

Dr. Susan R. Karp

Scott Luxenberg

William McCann

Todd Simmens

Meredith Shaw
Bernardo J. Giuliana, Board Secretary

French 4H
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a continuation of the level four instructional sequences. It involves meaningful use of language for real communicative purposes. Instruction focuses on what students can do with the language rather than what they know about the language. Students will experience authentic language in use. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire and to interact in the language as it is spoken and written in the target culture. The emphasis will continue to be placed on realistic interpersonal language use. Increased emphasis will be placed on interpretive and presentational language use. In addition, students will be able to use language for interpersonal communication as well as to understand and present information and ideas. Students will continue to compare and contrast the target language and culture with their own, thus enhancing students’ insights into the nature of language and culture.
Students will continue to communicate in everyday situations as outlined in the scope and sequence. Students will continue to participate in situations that go beyond basic survival scenarios. Units are organized thematically around situations and scenarios that can be applied to real life. Grades are based on performance and production of materials as well as paper and pencil tests.
This is a 5-credit/full year course open to students who have successfully completed French 4. It meets five days a week for a full class period. Successful completion of this course makes students eligible for French 5.
Instructional Goals
Students will:

  • Interact and communicate with others while gaining a greater understanding of and respect for the cultural perspectives, practices and products of different cultures.

  • Strengthen critical thinking skills through problem solving, conceptualizing, and reasoning.

  • See connections between the various disciplines by incorporating visual and performing arts, health and physical education, language arts literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and workplace readiness into the classroom.

  • Develop the study skills and habits essential to the learning process.

  • Use authentic media and other realia representative of the target language and culture

  • Continue to acquire a measurable degree of proficiency in interpersonal, presentational and interpretive modes

(Portions of this section taken from the New Jersey World Languages Curriculum Framework)
By the end of Level IV, a world language student should be able to do the following:


Students will demonstrate increased comprehension of longer, more complex conversations and narratives. Students will progress to understanding the main gist and supporting details of both spoken and written language in familiar materials and situations that reflect a cultural background similar to their own. Students will be aided by the use of redundancy, paraphrasing and restatement in order to understand the message.

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